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Unifying a Fragmented Employment Industry

By: Patrick Powers
For : InovaHire
Date Added : August 31, 2009 Views : 45837
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Many people have fallen victim to the ever fragmenting employment industry. High job board costs force companies to explore alternative avenues for advertising available positions and the scattering of jobs force job seekers to post their resume to multiple employment sites. Millions of jobs are left unfilled, millions of job seekers are left out of work, and thousands of job boards are cashing-in on the failures of both.

Overhead and value perception have created an unbalanced range of costs amongst the more than 40,000 US job boards. Knowledge, time, and budget have created an unbalanced distribution of more than one-million jobs and more than five-million resumes. These habits have turned finding a job and filling a position into a game of luck.

It has been drilled into our heads that finding talent is a skill and finding a job has to be a tedious process. Why? Think of it this way, if every job was on one job board and every resume was on that same job board then employers have access to all qualifying candidates and job seekers have access to all pertainable positions. The scattering of jobs and people have turned a calculated process into a frustrating experience, limiting the quality of results to the amount of sources a person has access to.

You see, it's kind of funny, job seekers post their resume to sites they think employers like and employers post their jobs to websites they think job seekers like; neither are visiting sites because they are the most effective. When did we start putting ourselves through this torture? When did we start thinking this was acceptable?

"We created a free job board and live interview website for one reason," says Co-Founder Eric Schifone, "to provide a solution that effectively, and efficiently, connects employers with job seekers. Our ultimate goal is to unify this ever fragmenting employment industry."

So why has this industry become so fragmented? Because we have allowed it to, but with a conscious effort from all parties, and a little help from, a solution can be attained.

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