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South of the Border

By: Judy Baker
For : Georgia
Date Added : August 31, 2009 Views : 45714
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Mexican border towns have long been a destination for college kids looking for adventure. Now for some, the adventure may include getting high legally, thanks to a Mexican law. The new drug law eliminates jail time for possession of small amounts of drugs and it has some United States citizens worried that Mexico will become attractive to even more kids as a fun vacation spot.

In an Associated Press (AP) news article U.S. law enforcement officials are reportedly stunned as the new law takes effect allowing Mexican citizens to possess small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD and methamphetamine. The legalization of substances which carry the consequence of drug addiction is what many are having a problem with.

In the AP news story San Diego Police Chief William Lansdown says. "For a country that has experienced thousands of deaths from warring drug cartels for many years, it defies logic why they would pass a law that will clearly encourage drug use."

Not everyone agrees that decriminalizing drug use is a bad move, Don Thornhill, a retired Drug Enforcement Administration supervisor who investigated Mexican cartels for 25 years, said Mexico's rampant drug violence will likely deter most U.S. drug users, and the new law will allow Mexican police to focus on "the bigger fish."

Mexico also has a provision for substance abuse treatment in lieu of jail. Officers are required to suggest drug treatment as an alternative to jail time, and drug treatment is required for third time offenders.

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