AvaHost Upgrades Reseller Web Hosting Plans

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This spring, the new growth on local flora, brings with it a new promise from AvaHost.Net. That widely recognized web hosting company has offered to upgrade each of its Reseller Hosting Plans. That means that anyone using Avahost to start a web hosting business could possibly remain free of his or her biggest expenditure.

Since its founding in 2001, AvaHost has been giving its clients attractive “packages.” The new package increases the appeal of the AvaHost reseller hosting plans. Each new package gives a client a monthly traffic allowance that is two times the size that AvaHost provided earlier, before offering any type of upgrade.

In addition, each new AvaHost Reseller upgrade will include an increase in the amount of disk space that is to be made available to the client. Moreover, each AvaHost Web Hosting client will have an opportunity to renew his or her contract, a contract that calls for regular payments of only $15.95 per month.

AvaHost knows that each of its clients expects that payment of the monthly fee will provide any one client with top notch web hosting services. So AvaHost has promised some free software to each online company that invests in AvaHost’s Reseller upgrade. That company will receive both an Online Web Site Builder and a 1-Click Auto Installer. Armed with such equipment, the same company should be able to install 50 of the most popular, the most “in demand,” open source software.

That offer of free software comes on top of great guarantees, guarantees that are already mentioned on the AvaHost website. AvaHost now gives each of its clients a 60 day guarantee. An unhappy AvaHost customer can expect to receive back any money that he or she spent for reseller web hosting services within a 60 day starting period. (Minus the cost of a domain name registration).

This eight year old web hosting company has a long list of happy clients. The owner of the website dishsatellite.com used the web hosting services provided by AvaHost. That client made this remark about those services: “They took the time to answer my questions and have provided great service for this last year.”

Next year AvaHost is certain to post a similar testimonial from someone who has invested in one of its new Reseller upgrades.


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